Culture One

Culture One - Discussions on Cultural Differences 

Culture One emerges from studying Chapter 5, "The Odd Couple" (i.e., Religion and Science) at our October 12th meeting to readng Chapter 6,"The Modern Covenant," for our November 9th meeting. Here we cross the border between the role of stories in human societies and the current "Modernity" that regulates our lives until we die.

Although it sounds profound, lengthy, and complex, the contract is defined by Harari in a single phrase: "Humans agree to give up meaning in exchange for power.” That sets the stage for the shift from humans assuming that they are participating in some great cosmic plan to believing in causes rather than purpose. This chapter discusses the modern pursuit of power and the means by which that is explored.

Our assignment involves determining the mechanisms of modernity and their place in current and future modern life. "Growth" is part of the impetus needed for continual development of current societies. The risks, alternative approaches and presumed results are worth dissecting as well as their role in stimulating the importance of humanism.

We will also touch upon current interest in the reasoning biases of contemporary humans, which appears in recent articles, newspapers, and books. 

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